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Private Work


Character Art, Comics.

Liam Kelleher

Liam Kelleher is a UK based freelance illustrator specialising in commercial illustration and visual storytelling. With a 1st class degree in screenwriting and years of experience in both teaching and creating imagery used for the medical, music and food industries, Liam has a wealth of experience to draw from to develop visuals with a strong and compelling narratives. Liam trained to become a comic book artist and also branched out into fine art in 2015, exhibiting painting works and founding Basingstoke Art Class, the Hampshire based art school. Liam works both traditionally and digitally, believing firmly that continued and sustained focus on fundamental principles allows him to continue to develop and grow as an artist. Original artwork and limited print runs can be purchased from the shop, furthermore Liam can be contacted for private commissions and freelance work at:

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