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Commercial Illustration

HUW - Music from the multiverse

Album cover artwork Production - Adobe Photoshop.

A fun project designing album artwork for electronic music band H.U.W. The only specifications in the brief were to utilise chimps in space suits (based on a previous piece) as the band members in front of a wall of synthesizers.


Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

A large-scale, digitally painted mural celebrating the fantasy RPG.

A 5 metre by 2.5 metre mural celebrating the world and characters of the fantasy RPG game of the same title.


Painted in Adobe Photoshop. 

Avalon Mural

Digital Art A.R Trail

Basingstoke's first Augmented Reality Art Trail.

In 2017 I was commissioned by Basingstoke and Deane council to run a digital art workshop for local teenagers, to create digital paintings that were displayed as Basingstoke's first Augmented reality digital art trail.


In addition to planning and leading the art workshop I was also asked to produce a series of artworks around the theme of Art in unusual places, prompting me to produce a series of six paintings spotlighting venues of creative importance around Basingstoke being attacked by giant robots (because why not, right?)

Coffee First label

A design for a coffee brand's packaging featuring the farm that their coffee beans are sourced from, the lush surrounding areas and of course, the farmers who pick the beans from the endless rows of plants.

Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

A picturesque South American coffee farm.

Town of tomorrow

A vision of the future of Basingstoke through the eyes of local children.

A visualisation project commissioned by Basingstoke and Deane council, depicting the towns future structure and functionality. Painted during a live demo where members of the public would make suggestions about elements of the painting based on where they felt we were heading including roof gardens, flying cars and helter-skelters! 

Craig Bishop Keyframes

Digitally painted keyframes for animated cut-scenes.

Working with producer, Toby Hyder I produced a series of digital paintings that were used to animate cut-scenes of the mini-series "Craig Bishop." 

Painted in Procreate.

Gorilla Gardening


Conveying strength and reliability through character design.

A logo design for landscaping firm, Gorilla Gardening,  which needed to convey the core values of the client; strength, reliability and a dedication to a job well done.

Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

VegeFruits concept art.

A character design project combining healthy eating with classic super-hero tropes.

For this project, I was required to overhaul the character designs for the healthy eating brand Vegefruits. Taking fruit and vegetables and imbuing them with child-friendly personalitys, poses and a contemporary art style.

Winchester Economic Redevelopment


Iconic landmarks for strong visual clarity

A project undertaken on behalf of Winchester council designed to convey the intent of their economic redevelopment plans for the city centre. This project needed to highlight and clearly display recognisable landmarks while still retaining a sense of geography and believable perspective. 

Painted in Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.


You Play a Good Game

(Decant Decadence)

Storytelling for a debut single release.

Artwork for a single release from producer 'Decant Decadence',  the brief called for a seedy, decadent mood where a slime-ball is about to get one pulled over on him by an androgynous figure.

Painted in Indian ink, Clip Studio Paint and Procreate.

Listen to the track here


Quotient Sciences Leadership team caricatures

A playful celebration of the company's anniversary.

With this assignment I was given a lot of direction and pointers in terms of the overall characteristics that the client wanted to exaggerate but total freedom in terms of how to execute the eight caricatures and levels of stylisation. 


I opted for an elegant fluid linework approach, inspired by the legendary Al Hirshfield.


Drawn in Clip Studio Paint. 

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