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Inking for Illustration
  • Inking for Illustration


    Learn how to plan your compositions so that they have clear, readable value structure, tells a story and and master the techniques and tools of working with ink in real-time with illustrator and tutor Liam Kelleher. In this 4.5 hour workshop you will learn how to get to master ink to create dynamic textures and wonderfully expressive inking techniques. In Part 1, Liam will show you how to transfer your sketch to watercolor paper without damaging the surface, showcase all of the tools that you can use and how to transfer a sketch.  Liam defines the things to think about when developing an original image that tells a story while showing you how to get started with thinking about values and how to use them effectively. In Part 2, Liam reveals his two step process for inking, the additional tools he uses for contours and also how to work whites back into the illustration. This course contains a bonus freature showing the process applid to three additional pieces, including a look at how watercolour can be used in addition to the inking tools.


    PART 1:


    The project

    Your resources

    The Tools

    Transferrring the Sketch


    Values explained


    Part 2:

    Values Explained pt 2

    Inkwash technique

    Contour inking


    Digital Colour Timelapse




    Getting Started PDF - A quick guide to getting started with the course

    Materials List – including links to products

    Original Artwork (to be used for practice)


    Liam has a warm, down-to-earth approach to teaching, with countless years honing his approach in the classroom for over 5 years in private classes and at a college and university level. The course is well suited for absolute beginners as well as more advanced artists looking to familiarise themselves with a structured approach and inking process that will help them realise consistently excellent illustrations for comics, picture books and drawing projects of any kind. 


      Please note that digital products are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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